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Launch and Configure Your

🎯 ADS With A.I on a Single Platform!

*☝🏻No experience required.

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time

Centralize all Your Ads in a Single Platform.

You'll be able to launch, configure, and view the reports for all your ads in one place. You'll benefit from the use of artificial intelligence to the extent that you can create ad campaigns in a matter of minutes and with ease.

Get + Clients

Thanks to our ad manager, you can launch advertising campaigns so that thousands of potential customers can see your services or products.

Utilize Artificial Inteligence

With our ad manager, you can take advantage of artificial intelligence, generate content and much more easily. This is definitely something that changes the rules of the game.

No Experience Required

You don't need to have experience launching ads. With our ad manager, you can create, manage, and monitor all your ads easily and in the most user-friendly way.

Centralize All Your Ads

If you're tired of hiring agencies or jumping between platforms to manage your ads, with this solution, you'll have your entire business and ads centralized.

🎯Advertise Like a PRO, fast!

We know that launching ads can sometimes be a headache. That's why we've developed our ad manager so that in just a couple of clicks, you can launch highly professional ads like a pro.

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time

👨🏻‍💻 Automated Ad Improvements.

Thanks to this feature, you can easily conduct A/B tests for your ads to quickly optimize all of them. This way, you'll get much more value out of your advertising investment.

🤗 Use our Advertising Templates.

The use of templates makes it easier to give a strategic impact to your marketing efforts. We understand that time is extremely valuable, which is why we've created templates that will also save you a lot of time in creating ads.

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time

📈 +$80,000 Ad Spend Managed per Month.

Why? Because Zolutium™ doesn't just make marketing easier, it enhances it! Zolutium users achieve a lower cost per click than industry standards, allowing their budgets to go further. This is our main goal with this great tool.

🤖 Benefit From

Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world completely. That's why you should take advantage of this technology in all aspects of your business. Otherwise, your competition will harness it and your business may likely lose its competitive edge or positioning.

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time


Join the Most Successful

Businesses on the Planet

Discover everything you can achieve by adding this add-on to your license...

+ Clients

Launch ads to reach thousands of potential customers.

Artificial Intelligence

Benefit from artificial intelligence to launch Ads.


Get metrics and reports for all your ads on a single platform.

Centralize Ads

Increase your comfort. Manage all your Ads from one platform.


Save time with our Ad templates that you'll have at your disposal.

*No permanence, you are free to cancel at any time


Our clients are definitely our best presentation.

We love our clients, and we are happy to be able to help in their businesses.

"Since we started using their platform our sales follow up has significantly improved"

London F. Delights

"We gather all our tools at a much more affordable price."

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"Adapting to their software is incredibly easy, even when starting from scratch"

Windsor G. Café

"Now the artificial intelligence responds to customers like a human"

Cricket & Cozy C.

"We have centralized many processes in a single platform"

Highland Hike O.

"It's incredible how much it has improved many sales processes in our company"

Sherlock's M. Bookstore

*Start generating income. It's FREE.

🤔 Frequently Asked


Why do Businesses use Zolutium™?

Zolutium™ improves and streamlines marketing by regularly updating to match current industry standards, helping you stay ahead without requiring extensive time investment in learning new strategies.

What Does Zolutium™ Actually do?

Zolutium™ streamlines marketing by handling complex tasks like strategy, analytics insights, and precise ad targeting, freeing you from the need for hands-on involvement.

How Does Zolutium™ Really Work?

By blending AI and human expertise, we've made marketing and brand management incredibly user-friendly, even for those without marketing experience. It's fast, easy to set up with a few clicks, and accessible on the go.

Can I have the analytics for my ads in one place?

Absolutely, thanks to this feature, you can have all the data and results of all your advertising campaigns in a single platform.

What Platforms can I Advertise on?

With this feature, you can advertise on: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, X, Google Ads, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messages, Snapchat, and YouTube, all in one platform.

Can I use Artificial Intelligence?

Absolutely! You can leverage artificial intelligence to generate content for your social media ads. This way, you'll optimize your time and gain a significant advantage.

If I Don't Have Experience, can I Launch an Ad?

This feature is designed and built specifically for launching ads in an easy and user-friendly manner. Even if you have no knowledge of the digital world, you'll find it very easy to use.

Are There Ad Templates?

Yes, we believe your time is valuable. That's why we've designed ad templates especially for you.

Can I Launch Messaging Ads?

Yes! Thanks to this feature, you can launch advertising campaigns on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages.

Are There Videos Explaining how to use This?

Of course! You'll have access to our complete course, where we explain every aspect of this feature in detail. You'll also have tutorial videos for each section.

Do you Offer Refunds/Returns?

No, at Zolutium™ we do not make refunds, returns or issue credit notes.

For example, if you made a payment for one of our services or products, or if you forgot to cancel your subscription and the charge was processed, we cannot provide refunds, returns, or credit notes.

If I Cancel, Will I be Charged for the Following Month?

No, this is a monthly subscription, so if you cancel your subscription, you won't be charged additional fees in the following months.

Can I Launch Unlimited Ads ?

Yes! We don't limit the number of advertising campaigns you can launch. You can launch ads without any limitations! So, start taking advantage of this wonderful tool.